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Our Group Of Companies

Amigos Global Spare Parts Division.

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Amigos global is bringing several years of collective experiences in the supplying of JCB and Caterpillar after market parts and other heavy vehicles such as Bobcat, Mercedes komatsu spare parts including all sort of engine oils, break fluids, filters, batteries etc. We deliver parts all over the world. We provide trade discount to our valued customers.

Amigos global building material uae

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Amigos Global is a General Trading company specialized in sourcing, promoting and trading in Building Material and Construction Equipments.

Our on line platform www.Amigosglobal.com is a One Stop Shop solution for sourcing temporary and permanent material, buying and rental of all new and used equipments and machinery as well as the beneficial disposal of all surplus and waste material.

What we do?
Sourcing… we help buyers achieve best deals by analyzing different procurement options taking into consideration the local and global market, specific current supply chain conditions, and individual supplier conditions, and offer innovative alternatives to address the buyer’s sourcing goals.

As wholesale traders,
- We source and supply all types of construction equipments and building material at discounted wholesale prices.

- We buy all kinds of surplus and used materials (steel, wood, pipes, tiles, masonry, paints, electrical items, equipments ..etc)

• We arrange and manage Auctions.

- We arrange and manage Tendering process.

- We source and negotiate sub contracts on behalf of our clients.

- We source and supply skilled and unskilled labor.

Projects… In this unique service Build Amigos integrates with Construction Projects to act as a One Stop Shop for the sourcing and supply of all project requirements in terms of temporary and permanent material, buying and rental of all new and used equipments and machinery as well as the beneficial disposal of all surplus and waste material.

Promoting… We assess, filter and promote all types of innovative products and solutions to help our members to reach new markets and to help our communities benefit from the latest innovations. Our promotion methods include and focus on digital marketing and social media targeting related business sectors and communities.

Informing… We provide information and news about each product category and business sector and address existing and future challenges and present available and potential innovative products and solutions.

Business Networking…We provide a platform for collaboration and integration of many minds and ideas to address business and community challenges and come up with innovative solutions aiming common targets of improving business outputs and quality of life.


The word Amigos means “friends”. Your Amigos are the people that you know very well, you like and trust. Build Amigos is extending the “Know, Like, Trust” successful relationship pillars to the business community to create balanced relationships across the entire supply chain aiming to achieve mutual benefits between the stakeholders, the community and the environment. Innovative Products and Solutions at Build Amigos are balanced to be “Business friendly…Consumer Friendly…Environment Friendly”.

Why Innovative Products and Solutions?

At Build Amigos we are convinced that today's challenges can’t be solved with yesterday’s solutions, businesses and communities need to work together to make positive changes in order to improve quality of products and services , create new markets and new jobs, reduce costs, enhance processes, reduce resources’ consumption and reduce environmental damage. Build Amigos focuses on providing innovative products and solutions that help businesses and communities achieve their objectives.

City fort contracting uae

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The Company

City Fort Contracting L.L.C. was established in UAE in 2007 as a Limited Liability Company and registered with Dubai Economic Department under Trade License Nr. 592673 to perform the following activities:

Buildings Contracting
Sewerage and Drainage Works
Roads & Infrastructure Works
Our Mission

Since its start, CFC has become the contractor of choice to many Private Owners and Organizations known for its ability to provide its clients with the best services focusing on the following basic but essential requirements of every successful project:

Quality of product
On time completion
Value for money

City fort technical services uae

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